Every region in America has its own specific weather quirk, whether it’s freezing winters, scorching summers or heavy rainfall. It can be an intimidating task to plan a garden when Mother Nature is so unpredictable, so here are some plants that will survive every season’s tests.


  • Peonies

You could forget entirely about these red beauties in your garden and they’d still probably find their way back year after year. Even if mold or weather gets the best of them in the summer, you can still expect an encore next spring.


  • Daylilies

These cheerful yellow flowers can withstand extreme temperatures, which explains their popularity from coast to coast.


  • Hostas

You know the ones: these green, leafy plants require virtually no maintenance and are native to almost every region of the United States.


  • Holly

Holly is often associated with Christmas time, and for good reason: it looks great all winter! With more than 400 varieties, you’re sure to find a type of this berry-yielding plant that suits your garden.


  • Tulips

These perennial bulbs are very easy to grow and care for. There are endless varieties, and thus tulips can be grown in many different colors and sizes. Gardeners delight in picking their hardy spring flowers. Plant bulbs in the fall and enjoy the show for many years to come!


So, no more excuses—wherever you live, grab a shovel, put on some gloves and get planting.


PC : Whatever the weather, these tenacious plants are up for the challenge.