Fall is Here and Halloween is on the Way

Get out your carving tools and come choose the perfect pumpkin. Our selection is the best in town!

Pumpkins come in all different shapes and sizes; there are round ones, petite ones, stumpy ones, tall ones, and even lumpy/warty ones. If you’re planning to carve or paint your pumpkin, make sure the one you choose has a pleasing shape and fits your carving needs. When the time comes to carve a Halloween pumpkin, give free rein to your imagination. Draw the mouth first, followed by the nose and the eyes. To make the task easier, you could draw the face you want to create on a white sheet of paper. Cut out the different parts of the face and glue them on to the pumpkin with sticky tape that can be repositioned. Using a pen, outline the facial features, leaving enough space in between each shape so that the whole face doesn’t collapse when you start carving. With a very sharp knife, cut the pumpkin in a sawing motion and without exerting too much pressure. If you want to make an opening at the top, position your knife at a downwards angle, towards the inside, to prevent the top from falling into the pumpkin when it perches on your front porch. Be daring! Every pumpkin is a masterpiece on Halloween night, as kids prowl the streets.


You might already know you can roast and then eat the seeds of your pumpkin and use the sweet flesh in all sorts of recipes, but did you know that you can eat the skin too? Make pumpkin skin chips by peeling long strips of skin with a potato peeler, seasoning with salt, pepper and olive oil, and baking in the oven at 350 °F (175 °C) for 25 minutes or until crispy. They make a great topping for soup and are delicious on their own as a snack.

Don’t forget to decorate your patio, entryway or porch. We also have corn stalks, straw bales, squash, gourds and a huge inventory of outdoor décor. We are your one-stop shopping source for all your Fall and Halloween decorating needs. Stop by today for the best selection. We’re open every day from 10am – 5pm through October 29th.

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Pumpkin season is coming soon! Keep us in mind for your apples, pumpkins, and peaches.